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Even if your charges are not listed below, Attorney Troy Holan has extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney in San Diego County for all levels and types of charges.  If you or your loved one have been arrested, contact Attorney Troy Holan immediately for a consultation.  Call (619) 786-4541 now.  Below are additional details about some of the most common offenses in San Diego County.

Practice Areas for Criminal Defense in San Diego

Violent Crimes

When it comes to violent crimes such as assaults, batteries, or great bodily injuries, you need to have an experienced attorney available to spot all the relevant legal issues and to pursue justified defenses.  Attorney Troy Holan will work tirelessly to investigate your case and fight for your rights in court.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence offenses can often be devastating for a family, especially when children are involved.  Attorney Troy Holan has handled hundreds of serious DV cases and is well-respected in this field.  Your case will receive the personal care and attention necessary to defend against any wrongful charges and to minimize any lasting impact moving forward.

Drug Cases

Oftentimes drug charges are the result of wrongful searches and seizures.  Attorney Troy Holan is prepared to litigate any unlawful 4th Amendment violation in court and will prepare your case immediately.  Attorney Troy Holan is also well-connected to local rehabilitation programs and can refer you for treatment if your case warrants.

DUI Defense

Time is often of the essence when you are arrested or charged with a DUI.  Attorney Troy Holan has personally handled nearly a thousand DUI cases, including successful legal and factual defenses.  From your license being suspended to having a misdemeanor on your record to draining your finances, there is too much to risk with a DUI charge.  Contact Attorney Troy Holan immediately for an aggressive defense and a personalized approach.

Criminal Record Clean-Up

Types of post-conviction relief available: expungement, reduction from felony to misdemeanor, terminate probation early, certificates of rehabilitation.  There is no reason for a criminal charge in the past to ruin your future with Attorney Troy Holan on your side.

License Offenses & Traffic Court

Attorney Troy Holan will fight your traffic tickets in court and work to keep your license valid.  If you do not currently have a valid license or it is suspended, Attorney Troy Holan is available to clear your fines in traffic court and represent you in criminal court.

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