Testimonials from Previous Clients in San Diego County


10/10/2018 Yelp Review

"To say, my DUI case was "complex' is an understatement! My DUI resulted from an accident + I was on a work visa at the time. I was blessed to have been able to retain Troy, as he managed to reduce my felony charges to a single misdemeanor. I can certainly recommend Troy Holan, for any DUI scenario you may be so unfortunate to face. My specific case, would have turned out very different if was not for Troy's persistence and knowledge of how the District Attorney's office operates. Troy gives a personal service and actually cares about his clients, which is not the same with larger firms. My DUI journey is far from over, however I look forward to retain Troy again, to have this misdemeanor conviction expunged."

-Thomas W. via Yelp

"Life saver

Troy was nothing but awesome for me. I got a dui and he helped me out of trouble. He also took the time to get to know me and direct me into a path of help outside of my dui. He truly cares. He doesn't treat you like just another case. I never had a problem getting a hold of him. I always dealt with him directly and he responded very quickly. I'd recommend him to anyone. His prices are reasonable and he does his job great. He truly got me out of a bind I was in and took care of my situation while i continued on with my work life."

-Faith via Avvo

09/20/2018 Google Review

" I’m usually very critical of good customer service & people who can quite frankly just do their jobs well. I’d HIGHLY recommend Mr. Holan to anyone. He’s been extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient, honest & helpful through a rough situation from start to finish."

-Christopher Wallace via Google


 Troy D. Holan was an excellent attorney. Throughout my ongoing case, he was very patient with how I was managing my contribution to fulfill my court orders. Troy was very communicative on how my case was going, putting me at ease. Troy truly made it easier on me and made amazing results concluding my case! I would recommend him to anyone seeking help! 

-Brandon via Avvo

"Extremely helpful navigating a long line of legal problems!

I had multiple cases one as far back as 5 years ago, and two stopping me from being a legal driver again. I reached out to Troy Holan in a effort to try to put an end to all my legal trouble in San Diego. when we discussed my cases he made it very easy to navigate the steps needed to put an end to it all. He always kept me informed and broke down the outcomes of all appearances making it easy to understand. I am Extremely please with his work and the out come of all my cases. I have the feeling that no public defender would have made the same outcomes that Troy Holan made possible. If you feel like your legal troubles have no end I highly recommend contacting his office!!!!"

-Harvey S. via Rate-A-Biz

06/28/2017 Thumbtack Review

I contacted Troy to help my son who was in custody for probation violation. He went and talked to my son the very next day. My son felt like he had slipped through the cracks and he needed professional advise and representation in court. Troy was very honest and up front with my son on what he thought was possible. My son has now been released and I believe Troy Holan helped him get the best deal available. I knew from my first conversation with Troy that he was what my son needed. I highly recommend him. 

-Sandy N. via Thumbtack

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